How oxygenbcfoundation is changing the retail payment ecosystem in India

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July 31, 2021

How oxygenbcfoundation is changing the retail payment ecosystem in India

With the increase in the technology, the digital payments and technology is booming day by day. From a small businessto a big corporate E-payment is used by almost 50% of the Internet users. Now the question arises that if someone who doesn’t have access to credit card or debit card then how they are going to add money to their E wallets or any platform.

Well here comes the solution as Oxigen Micro ATM which is changing the retail payment ecosystem of India. This allows cash loading into oxygen wallets with most convenient and most cost effective way of going from cash to digital money.

There are several ways through which Oxigen wallets are changing the ecosystem of Digital payments:-

  1. Converting Cash into Digital :-

Oxigenwallets are clearly differentiator from other wallets especially in the country where people are unbanked who have to go digital. People can simply covert their cash into digital payment method with the help of Oxgien wallet they just need to walk to any of the 200,000 retailer’s store and load the cash to the counter or any shopkeeper who has partnership with Oxygien wallet and then he/she can go cashless.

The Oxygien wallets can be filled or loaded with credit cards, debt cards, net banking or IMPs. Currently, people can pay cash over Oxygien wallets Top up, Mobile DTH, Electricity bills, etc. The cash is taken from the person who wants E money then transferred to his bank account. After that he/she deposits bank money to oxgien wallet which further gets transfer and utilized and thus the money is digitalized.

  • The easiest way to do P2P money transfer :

The Oxygien wallet is one of the easiest and efficient ways to send money to a friend, merchant or to other bank accounts. The transection can be done on fingertips and whenever someone needs money urgently you can easily pay the money through your Oxygien wallet to the bank account.

One of the most unique and amazing features about Oxgien wallet is that you can transfer the money to someone who does not have access to Oxygien wallet by just mobile number.  The recipient gets a message of amount credited. In order to access the amount you need to just download the app and you can have access to the money in the Oxygien wallet. If by chance the recipient doesn’t download the app then the money is credited to sender’s account which makes it more safe and reliable.

Conclusion :- The digital network is increasing day by day and year by year. In order to come up with the solution of retail payment ecosystem Oxgien wallets are the best solutions with the vast offline network. So the next time if you go on a party and have to split the bills or have to pay to milkman, newspaper boy or corporate salaries than you should use Oxygine wallet.

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