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With the increase in technology everything is going online by today and at constant pace new things are arriving with the time. People today are getting access to the service very easily to the SBI grahak seva Kendra on the online basis. CSP registration is a Technology Service Provider is in partnerships almost with every leading banks in India.

Oxgn BC Foundation aims to offer real time banking service which is user friendly and useful to the neighbourhood customers. We totally focus on providing end to end solutions to our clients in the banking and finance sector with small and medium enterprises. The main goal of OXGE BC foundation is to understand the need of the consumer and full fill the best service possible. The Oxgn BC foundation invite individuals to function as a mediator of the bank to open mini banks at the locations where there are no banks. We serve to the people who lack in technology and we are available for them 24x7.

CSP Apply with the best and rated no. 1 CSP Provider of India.

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When it comes to Apply All Bank CSP, Apply KIOSK Bank, CSP Complain, Bank Mitra, it takes a serious collaboration between the business owner and Applies for CSP Bank to create that will work towards bringing in more details.


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Digital india MicroATM

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CSP Jana Dhan Accounts

Eligiblity for Opening & Maintaining of CSP

उम्र कम-से-कम 21 वर्ष (AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE)

कम्प्यूटर का सामान्य ज्ञान रखने वाले (COMPUTER LITERATE)

कार्य मेंअपनी कुछ पूंजी लगा सकने की क्षमता वाले (WILLING TO INVEST SOME MONEY IN PROJECT)

जिम्मेवार (RESPONSIBLE)


बेरोजगार ब्यक्ति (UNEMPLOYED)


250 to 300 sq feet outlet

one counter

one laptop or desktop

internet connectivity(broadband/dongle)

electricity backup



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